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Sid Davis

Sid Davis 1 Photo

Sid Davis  grew up in a small farm community in Southwestern Ohio.  
The youngest of four children,  he was recognized as  a distraction in school classrooms.   
He attended Ohio University's School of Communications;  squeaking by the school's stringent admission requirements of a transcript,  a check and a pulse.  At OU, Sid was mentored by a professor; acclaimed  television writer, Dr Melvin Helitzer.  Helitzer called Sid  one of the sharpest young writers he's worked with.   Upon graduation,  Sid  took a  job at a small radio station as advertising salesperson and a copywriter.   
He loved writing.  He hated selling.  
 He made a decision to leave the job when  returning from lunch one day and his stuff was in a box on top of his desk.  It was an epiphany.
    When Sid broke the news to his wife that he had no job,  she informed him she was expecting their first child.  
     Sid’s underlying goal of making a living from his creativity had to be put on hold.      Sid hated being a salesperson;  but was good at it. 
 “I don't like selling any product or service I have no control over.”     
 He left the insurance business and began working in the airline industry as a baggage handler.  He attended aviation tech school, working 16 hour days for two years, and became airline technician, eventually transferring to  Charlotte, NC.  
       During his airline tenure at the  Charlotte airport, Sid enjoyed walking around the terminal and observing behavior.  He penned, Space Available; a hilarious suspense story about an airline baggage handler who travels the country to track down a man who stole his identity.    
  Sid shares.  "Since the book was published,  I've had a falling out with some people  the book's  characters were based on,"  Sid jokes.  
"In the sequel, I'm going to kill them off; because I can. "  

  Life changed for everyone after  9-11.  The financially devastated airline industry resulted in Sid receiving forced retirement.  He used the time to explore stand-up comedy at Charlotte’s Comedy Zone and in  Toastmasters; where he placed at the top of the North Carolina humor speaking contests for two consecutive years.
 Sid honed his  material on his own time.   "After all; this was my retirement.   Then I realized I  had hit a wall in the business.   You can't approach this as a hobby.  I dedicated myself  and  kicked things up a few notches. "
  It payed off.  
   Sid was a huge hit at the 2012  San Luis Obispo Comedy Festival 
and the audiences  voted him into the festival's  Best in Fest Showcase. 
Sid returned to the SLO festival to be voted “Best in Fest” again  in 2013 and 2014.
In 2014 comedy legend Joan Rivers was looking for an opening act.  The demanding Rivers and her manager viewed hundred of audition videos.  After seeing 30 seconds of Sid Davis she declared, "Get him.  He's terrific!" 
Check out Sid Davis' unique style of quality comedy and you will agreewith Joan Rivers:  
Sid Davis is Terrific!  


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