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Virtually any type organization, club, association, fraternity, church, patient, sports league, guild, tribe, union or charity can benefit from a FUNNY FUNDRAISER!

We find a mutually agreeable date and location for your event and then choose a line-up of comedians most suitable for your particular organization!  Your members need only sell tickets to the event. No other efforts are required, our staff will conduct the event and take care of your guests!  You sit back and wait for the money to come in, you and your guests share a wonderful evening of fun and laughter, and then you continue laughing all the way to the bank!
Commonly Asked Questions?
How can we help? The Comedy Club of Williamsburg and the Outer Banks has been hosting shows in the US for more than a quarter of a century, we do comedy and we do it right! This is our home and we want to expand in a way that we feel will be mutually beneficial to not only our community but to our neighboring communities and cities as well! 
This all sounds good but is it really right for my organization? If your group has 50 or more members then your group is in a position to be the sponsor of a Comedy Club Fundraising event. If each member is given just four tickets to sell, with this size group, you could raise $2,000.00 or more.  
What are the comedians like? We have a wide range of comedians and will guide you in selecting an available comedian for your group who would be tailored best to suit your organizations needs.  
What is the actual show like? A typical stand-up comedian show consists of three acts, a headliner, a feature, and an MC. The shows last about an hour and a half to about an hour forty-five minutes. It is important to us that you have a great experience. When you have a successful show, word of mouth will make your next event even more profitable!  
What do I get in the Event Package?
-  One on one consultation to assist you each step of the way 
- Talent 
-  Assistance with venue selection and agenda planning 
-  Online Box Office for pre-selling tickets 
-  Professional PA System for great Sound and Lighting 
-  8’ X 10’ ft. Stage Back Drop 
-  Comedy Show Ticket 
-  11” X 17” Color Posters, black & white promotional flyers 
-  Complete Comedy Fundraising Pkg. that walks you through each step 
-  Member Pkgs. that helps you keep track of ticket sales
How does the fundraising program work? The key to the success of any fund raising event is how many tickets you sell. Your members sell tickets for $20.00 per person. Your organization earns $10.00 or more on each ticket sold. Most organizations for example typically have 50 or more members, if each member is able to sell four tickets you could raise $2,000.00. The more tickets you sell the more money you make per ticket. Let’s take a closer look . . .
Your organization collects up to 60% of the ticket price!   
50 members X 4 tickets = 200 tickets 200 tickets X $10.00 = $2,000.00 
75 members X 4 tickets = 300 tickets 300 tickets X $11.00 = $3,300.00 
100 members X 4 tickets = 400 tickets 400 tickets X $12.00 = $4,800.00 
*Please note that these are examples and not every organization will be able to average 4 ticket sales per member!

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